hep Petra Operations + Maintenance

Optimizing solar assets for maximum returns.

Once an asset is built and running, the real work begins. Optimize performance and maximize your revenue with our best-in-class O+M services. Our team manages the day-to-day functions of operating your assets with diligent, around-the-clock monitoring and proactive maintenance.

We provide operations, maintenance and asset management services for solar projects across the southeast United States. Our team of engineers, technicians, electricians and analysts brings decades of experience to keep your assets in optimal condition for long-term success.


We create customized maintenance schedules for each project, responding to contractual obligations, manufacturer specifications, warranties, and the general needs of the site. Preventative maintenance catches and prevents issues proactively, getting the most out of your equipment for longer.

  • Regular site and equipment inspections
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Periodic and as-needed maintenance
  • Thermal imaging and analysis


When things go wrong, time is of the essence. Our quick response team works to correct the issue immediately to minimize the impact on production and your bottom line.

  • 4-Hour emergency dispatch
  • 24-Hour general response
  • Warranty replacement
  • Spare parts management


Small details make a big difference when getting the most out of your asset. We constantly seek new and innovative ways to increase efficiency and keep your sites running smoothly for the life of the project.

  • I-V curve tracing
  • System modeling/Comparison of model vs actual production
  • Identification of recurring issues
  • Performance analysis


Your site is never unattended with our around-the-clock monitoring system. Having constant eyes on the site means we can track performance in real time and analyze ways to improve.

  • Real time 24/7 site monitoring
  • Site performance and maintenance reporting
  • Energy forecasting
  • Monthly production reports


Communication is our highest priority when working with project owners. Our comprehensive asset management services keep owners informed of the important operational and performance details of their projects.

  • Finance + budget management
  • Revenue report
  • Contract management
  • Owner communication
  • Regulatory compliance

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